Why Cobb Hill is Unique


While quality and unmatched craftsmanship have become synonymous with the perception of Cobb Hill Construction within their community and industry, the company has and continues to distinguish itself in other ways. Among these is one of the company’s most valued assets: its talented, professional, and highly trained staff. It is also their efforts, both as a whole group, and individually, in their giving back to the community.

The culture of excellence and improvement established by Cobb Hill is also demonstrated through charitable efforts within the community. Each year, the team embarks on several new community service projects; contributing time, materials, and professional expertise to a variety of worthy causes. In addition to company involvement, many Cobb Hill employees contribute to other projects within the community on their own time and dollar.

Management Team


Jerry Kingwill


pete johnson

Operations Manager

angie borden

Controller & Office Manager

Kelly Kinhan

Business Development

Steve Andrus

Special Projects & Maintenance Manager

Tim Drew

Project Manager

Chuck Lowth III

Project Manager

Paul Beaudet

Project Manager

Kaleena Hardy

Interior Designer

Company History

diverse and productive over time. For humans it is the potential for long-term improvements in well-being, which in turn depend on the well-being of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources.

That said, how does that translate to everyday life in a business? How about in the construction business? Most construction firms (especially small firms and subcontractors) are primarily concerned with just staying in business and paying their bills. Short of avoiding EPA fines, the environment is low on their priority list.

The concept that sustainability practices are good for business is not new to Cobb Hill. We have made an effort to integrate the concept of sustainability into every aspect of who we are and what we do. To do that, we have made sustainability part of our corporate culture. Before it was a popular concept, Cobb Hill was only building homes that met Energy Star standards.

We also leverage several recycling programs in our office. On our projects, we make every attempt to recycle construction debris and materials. Our design team always uses the latest techniques in energy efficient design, sustainable construction and we recommend the use of low VOC and sustainable products to all of our clients. Furthermore all of our staff have been trained on weatherization and energy saving construction techniques.

Founded in 1986, Cobb Hill Construction is a dynamic and progressive company that prides itself on client satisfaction. Consequently, many of Cobb Hill’s clients return with additional projects, which demonstrates the high-quality of work and the dedication and commitment to meeting customer needs.

In addition to the craftsmanship that continuously earns the company repeat business, Cobb Hill is also known for its community and industry participation, commitment, and involvement. For example, Cobb Hill has memberships in many market-related associations that uphold ethical values that Cobb Hill is proud to exhibit, including the highest level of quality, client satisfaction, professionalism, and integrity. Not only does Cobb Hill uphold the standards required for membership, but they are repeatedly recognized and honored for their success.

Our Stand on Sustainability

What is sustainability in the business community? For some, it’s something they don’t worry about unless they have done something wrong and they are about to befall to some bad press. For others, it's a semi-conscious attempt at “being green”. At Cobb Hill, we like to think of ourselves as pro-active.So what does sustainability really mean? According to Wikipedia, Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the capacity to endure. In ecology the word describes how biological systems remain 

See Our Work

Commercial Construction

From the design and construction of a steel-frame manufacturing facility to the renovation of an historic mill building for office and laboratory space, Cobb Hill understands individual client goals, and is fully equipped to meet a range of commercial construction requirements.

Historical Construction

Restoration projects present many unique challenges. Cobb Hill understands the balance that must be attained between historic preservation, modern functionality, and cost. Adaptive reuse is achieved while restoring as much of the original character as possible. 

Healthcare Construction

Our growing list of satisfied heath care clients demonstrates our sensitivity to the unique demands inherent in health care and dental office construction. We continue to demonstrate our understanding and effectiveness integrating complex health systems.

Residential Construction

Cobb Hill has earned an outstanding reputation for fine home-building and renovation. Complete design / build capabilities, quality craftsmanship in every detail, and clear, professional communication throughout the process are all hallmarks of a Cobb Hill project.