Plan NH Presents Award to Cobb Hill

Cobb Hill Construction is pleased to announce that it was awarded a Merit Award - Honorable Mention for excellence in planning, design, and development from Plan NH. Cobb Hill was recognized for their contributions to the Friendly Kitchen rebuild in Concord, New Hampshire at the Plan NH Annual Merritt Awards Dinner on April 3rd, 2013.  

The Friendly Kitchen project was recognized as an outstanding example of social responsibility applied to a building project.The new building is approximately 5,800 sq. ft. and is able to feed approximately 120 people. While providing both indoor and outdoor seating, the building is fully accessible to people with disabilities. The one-floor building features a modern commercial kitchen, making it easier for volunteers to prepare meals and clean up afterward. It also has ample storage area for donated foods and free onsite parking in a well-lit, landscaped area. 

“We are honored to be awarded the Plan NH Merit Award - Honorable Mention,” states Jerry Kingwill, President of Cobb Hill Construction. “Being a part of the Friendly Kitchen rebuild meant a lot, not only to Cobb Hill, but to the community, and we are pleased to have been involved.”  

About Plan NH
Plan NH believes that what we build, where we build, and how we build have an influence on the health and vibrancy of a community. Their mission is to raise awareness of that link among professionals in the building industries, and within the communities themselves. They do so by championing smart growth and livability principles, social responsibility, and creative approaches to collaboration and cooperation. For more information, visit