New Bistro Renovation at Havenwood Heritage Heights

Cobb Hill has recently completed a full renovation of the Bistro for the Havenwood-Heritage Heights retirement community on Christian Ave in Concord. The overhaul and reworking of this space was an effort to update the existing Bistro area and provide a new clean, inviting feel.

We began be removing walls which opened up the new space into the common hallway area. We then removed lighting, carpet, doors, and areas of the ceiling, being sure to keep specific soffit areas to enhance the look of the space by providing breaks and elevation changes in the ceiling. We then re-drywalled the space, built in a new half wall and provided granite countertops at the "internet counter". New carpeting, paint and ACT ceiling with grid system was installed. The space was completed with newly wrapped soffits, lighting to enhance each area, and a custom stone-faced gas fireplace.




See the full redevelopment project Cobb Hill provided Havenwood Heritage Heights