Rundlett Middle School Bathroom Renovation

Rundlett Middle School Bathroom Renovation

Cobb Hill Construction is pleased to announce the completion of a four bathroom renovation project at the Rundlett Middle School in Concord, NH. The new design and renovation update included more than 500 square feet of tile and more than 1000 square feet of demolition. Cobb Hill's focus on safety played an important role, as summer school programs were in session throughout the project.

Cobb Hill worked under a tight budget and strict schedule to ensure project completion during the first month of summer vacation. Cobb Hill was able to finish the full demo, renovation, and installation early, in only 2 weeks.

Celebrating 5 Years of Burgers and CHaD

Celebrating 5 Years of Burgers and CHaD

2016 will mark Cobb Hill Constructions 5th year of supporting the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth. For the last five years we've have been honored to participate in this tasty, great cause put on by our friends and clients at The Barley House. 

Each year we are given a burger, and encourage the community to eat as many as possible. Each burger purchased raises more and more money for CHaD.

This year we are fortunate enough to have the same great burger as 2015. Cobb Hill Construction's burger will be the:

Work Begins at Havenwood Redevelopment Project

Cobb Hill Construction is pleased to announce that it has begun work on a significant redevelopment project for the Havenwood-Heritage Heights retirement community on East Side Drive in Concord. The project work began in early September 2013. The extensive redevelopment is designed to update more than 54,978 square feet of new construction while demolishing 4,658 square feet of existing older cottages in order to provide more living space, carports and a style that is more in keeping with the lifestyles of today’s retirees.

The Jeff Bauman Project & Donor List

(Concord, NH) – Months after the tragic Boston Bombing, Jeff Bauman is still overcoming many obstacles, including returning home to be with his family. One of the biggest challenges of the move is updating Jeff’s parents’ home to make it ADA accessible. Local businesses and community members across New Hampshire and Massachusetts are joining forces and asking for public support to make this project a success.