Sincere Thanks

Dear Jerry, 

On behalf of the Baker Free Library Trustees, I would like to extend our sincere thank and appreciation to two of your employee, who have been working on the Lower Level Renovation project with us since November 2016. 

Project Manager Chuck Lowth has been an organized and communicative representative of Cobb Hill since we began Phase II. He has gone out of his way to make sure we are aware of issues,, decisions, and problem as they occur. At our last Trustee meeting in January, he delivered the latest Schedule of Values at the start of our meeting, and then, because he was there, stayed to answer our questions. This is above and beyond what we expected from a project manager. Amidst some unexpected problems with this phase, Chuck has alway come back to us with possible solutions, not waiting for someone else to figure out what to do. His ability to quickly communicate with all involved =, from the subs to us, is a skill that can't be taken for granted. 

Project Supervisor Todd Kelly has also communicated well with Liberty Director Lori Fisher and me during this Phase, and in addition has provided Lori with practical cost-effective solutions for some problems. We know he has stayed late, worked weekend, and come back at 10:30 pm to check on things like the drain at the bottom of the new egress stairway when we had raid. We truly appreciate his work ethic and commitment to a successful project that reflects well on him, Cobb Hill, and the Liberty. 

We hope that this letter will be shared with both Chuck and Todd, and we thank all of the Cobb Hill crew for a very good constructive experience. You can be certain we will share our good experience with your company far and wide. 


Tom Ives, Chairman

Baker Free Library Board of Trustees