Winterization Checklist

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When the days start to cool off, it is time to start winterizing your home or office. The following is a winterization checklist that can be handy when trying to remember which tasks are essential to complete before the winter hits. 


  • Winterize Gardens and Planters
  • Mow Lawn
  • Rake Leaves
  • Clean and Store Grill
  • Clean and Store Patio Furniture
  • Wash and Store Pillows And Cushions
  • Store Hoses and Watering Cans
  • Cut Down Dead Trees and Limbs
  • Install Snow Plow Markers
  • Bring Out Snowblower and Shovel
  • Remove A/C Window Unit
  • Perform a Test Run of the Heating System
  • Check Heating and Fuel Levels- Refill As Necessary
  • Check Vents and Openings
  • Caulk Around Windows and Doors
  • Clear Away Debris from Downspouts
  • Check Outdoor Lighting - Replace Bulbs When Necessary
  • Buy Ice Melt and Sand 


  • Check and Replace Weatherstripping (or your favorite insulation technique)
  • Get Chimney Swept
  • Check Furnace Performance
  • Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Flush Hot Water Heater
  • Set Thermostat for the Colder Temperatures
  • Make Sure All Windows and Doors and Fully Closed and Sealed