Emerging Trends - Commercial 

The building industry is moving towards the integration of several building trends. Until recently, each has been an autonomous market idea. But considering them together creates a cohesive building philosophy. Sustainable design incorporates the understanding of the life cycle of a building and its materials. Cobb Hill strongly encourages design solutions that prolong the life and use of the built environment.

Sustainable Design
Sustainable design represents the awareness of the life cycle of a building. This concept is larger than just the term “green”. The foundation is a well designed building envelope and properly sized mechanical equipment. From there, the building criteria can be determined by many of the sustainable building programs such as Energy Star and LEED. Commercial LEED programs can be applied to: New Construction, Existing Buildings for Operation and Maintenance, Commercial Interiors, Core & Shell, Schools, Retail, and Healthcare.

Commercial Interiors
Renovation of existing office space or fit-up due to relocation provides an opportunity to create a more functional space and one that represents your company’s image. It is an opportunity to provide for new technology and an environment that promotes office communication and work productivity. There are opportunities to incorporate sustainable solutions and incentives in a commercial interior.