Emerging Trends - Residential 

The building industry is moving towards the integration of several building trends. Until recently, each has been an autonomous market idea. But considering them together creates a cohesive building philosophy. Sustainable design incorporates the understanding of the life cycle of a building and its materials. By merging sustainable solutions with the knowledge of the human lifecycle, we encourage design solutions that prolong the life and use of the built environment.


Sustainable Design
Sustainable design represents the awareness of the life cycle of a building. This concept is larger than just the term “green”. The foundation is a well designed building envelope and properly sized mechanical equipment. From there, the building criteria can be determined by many of the sustainable building programs such as Energy Star, National Association of Home Builders Green Standards, LEED For Homes, and ASID Regreen.


Universal Design
Universal design represents the awareness of the human life cycle and its relationship to the built environment. This concept incorporates knowledge of aging in place, adaptability, accessibility, barrier-free, and visitability. The design solutions are seamlessly integrated to create a safe and comfortable environment for many ages and abilities living together in the same home.


Form and Function
Form and function, also referred to as aesthetics and a buildings program, will always be the primary reasons to renovate or build a home. Although these may be the initial reasons to begin a project, the solutions may involve considering incorporating one or more of the other emerging trends. This perspective will help to make your home more attractive to a wider buyers market.


Building Maintenance and Investment
The need to renovate often stems from normal wear and tear on a home. The logic behind keeping our homes in good condition is to protect and increase the value of our investment. One way to enhance that value would be to incorporate one or more of the emerging trends.