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Havenwood Heritage Heights

The new residential home is nestled in a secluded country setting



34 Units

54,978 SQFT

Park-Like Landscaping

Cobb Hill Construction is pleased to announce the completion of a significant redevelopment project for the Havenwood-Heritage Heights retirement community on East Side Drive in Concord.


The extensive redevelopment is designed to update more than 54,978 square feet of new construction while demolishing 4,658 square feet of existing older cottages in order to provide more living space, carports and a style that is more in keeping with the lifestyles of today’s retirees.

Specifically, the project includes the demolition of approximately 63 units, which will be replaced by an estimated 34 new, wood-framed cottages. The cottages will be a mix of single and duplex units with freestanding carports. The cottages will be larger and provide more living space than the previous housing units, and in some cases will include full basements. Additional site work will include new roadways, driveways, sidewalks, underground utilities, site lighting, and park-like landscaping.

In the News

Cobb Hill Wins Merit Award "Commercial Over 10MM"

Cobb Hill is please to be honored with the Award of Merit for "Commercial Over $10 Million" category at the ABC Construction Awards for the Havenwood Heritage Heights project.

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