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Top 5 Yard Tools for Fall 2022

Fall has arrived, and yard work is in full swing for most of us. Whether it's your home or vacation spot, you're bound to find yourself in the yard collecting piles of leaves, winding up the hoses, and protecting delicate landscaping. To help you navigate your fall cleanup, make things easier with our top 5 fall yard tools for 2022.

Ohio Steel Leaf Sweeper

From Ohio Steel and available easily online, the Ohio Steel Leaf Sweeper makes quick work of yard debris, including leaves, pine cones, pine needles, sticks, and the occasional tennis ball. We went with the 42" wide 22CF options. This allows for easy navigation around most areas of the lawn where your lawn mower already fits.

STIHL Leaf Blowers

When it comes to moving leaves, there are two numbers to consider. MPH (Miles Per Hour) and CFM (Cubic feet per minute). We've found that CFM proves to be the best number when considering what type of leaf volume you need to move. The higher, the better, and STIHL has you covered. Not available in traditional big box stores, you'll need to visit a local dealer to check out the collection of some of the best blowers on the market. But we don't think you'll regret the extra trip.

Husqvarna T536Li XP Battery Chainsaw

Are you looking for mobility, power, and a quiet Sunday afternoon? Look no further than the Husqvarna T536Li XP Battery Chainsaw. Battery-powered tools have come a long way since their inspection, and this chainsaw packs some serious power. Boasting a warning label that reminds the user, "this is a real chainsaw even if it's quiet," it makes short work of most limbs, small trees, and brush in tricky places. It's a great addition to your yard trailer.

Lawn Mower Dump Cart

With hundreds of options, a Lawn Mower Dump Cart is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your lawn mower in any season. Spreading mulch, towing firewood, and transporting yard tools from spot to spot, a Lawn Mower Dump Cart is available in most stores or a DIY project after a quick YouTube video.

Bluetooth Hearing Protection Earbuds

Protect your ears and stream your favorite music with ear protection that includes active noise canceling and Bluetooth connectivity. Available at Home Depot or Lowes, pick a pair up this weekend for some added protection. Hearing protection is the most important; having good tunes during weekend cleanup is a close second.

Let us know your thoughts on our list of top 5 yard tools for 2022. And remember, for those small projects or future renovations, Cobb Hill's design division can help you plan any changes you want to make to your home this fall.

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