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2023 Design Trends You Have to See

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Minimalistic Kitchen Design

Less is more. As with any design direction, there are critical elements to nailing minimalism; clean lines, refined wood grains, geometric patterns, and angular design on appliances are common elements when keeping things simple.

Remember that minimalism in the kitchen focuses on function and simplicity, no matter what you choose for color, hardware, wood species, or countertops. Need help figuring out where to start? Our design team is here to help you refine your vision or provide elements to help you make the right decisions.

A Focus on Personal Wellness

For those focusing on self-care, 2023 will be the home design year for you. "Adding elements that help promote self-care and well-being can transform any space into an oasis," says design professional Jeff Andrews. "Adding a pair of under-counter refrigerators to a home spa to store beauty products and chilled towels is something our clients are loving."

Are you thinking of taking your self-care space to the next level? Make sure to include plenty of natural elements in your design and decor to ground the overall aesthetic and provide a unique luxury to your time alone.

Oak and Walnut Kitchen Cabinetry

White cabinets may always have a place in kitchen design. Still, as we move into a place where designers bring unique elements into the home, there's a resurgence of the linear grains of Oak and Walnut. There's no surprise that we added this to the list of our favorite new trends of 2023.

Not ready to fully commit to a wood cabinet face? Start by incorporating cabinet drawers made of walnut with beautiful dove-tail accents.

Double Kitchen Design by Nina Williams Blog

Double Island Design

Kitchen islands are a huge bonus for any kitchen, so investing in this trend is likely to provide a bigger return on your overall investment.

Blue, green, white, or wood, we've seen several design trends hit our kitchen islands throughout 2022, but no matter which color, form, and function should always be paramount.

An up-and-coming island trend is to have a double island. Instead of one long island, consider breaking them into two smaller islands. Include a bar-style island at an outside edge of the kitchen and a task-oriented island in the middle. Make sure you have the space. Two islands can take up more square footage than you may think. Choosing a layout that allows guests to move freely past others while sitting or prepping food keeps the kitchen open and airy.

Image: Pinterest

Meaningful Items

For 2023, we bring together personal items and natural items. Filling your space with less, focusing on objects from your favorite places to travel, memories with others, or an antique piece you've inherited or found tucked away in a shop in New England.

"It's the objects we fill our homes with that hold the most power to ease our anxieties," says designer Jean Lin. . "Maybe it's your grandfather's collection of fly fishing lures, or maybe you're zealous for antique maps—whatever it is that brings your truest self to your living space is on trend."

No matter what 2023 has planned for your new home or renovation, the team at Cobb Hill will help you concept, plan, and achieve the perfect space unique to you.

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