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Cobb Hill Partners with CRTC Brining First Student of 2020 on the Jobsite

Cobb Hill is feeling fortunate to have been selected and to be partnering with the Concord Regional Technical Center (CRTC) on one of their Work Based Learning (WBL) educational strategies for 2020 with job-shadowing opportunities. The CRTC Construction Trades program is open to students who are working towards a career in the trades through concentrated academic courses, hands-on classroom training and real-life experience through internships and job shadow opportunities with local businesses. Being able to offer job-shadowing opportunities to our younger generations is vital to not only their success in the trades but the future of construction as an industry.

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Cameron, a Junior from Concord High School, is completing his 2nd year in the CRTC Construction Trades program and chose to fulfill his WBL with Cobb Hill during his school winter break. This opportunity made it possible for him to get some practical insight working alongside various Cobb Hill team members.

Cameron was able to ride along with our Safety Director, Jordan Temple, to a few of our in-progress projects that included residential renovations and a couple of commercial additions here in Concord. Jordan went over the importance of safety for not only oneself but others and set him up with the necessary gear to be able to visit and tour the job sites with our field team.

Ed Hannon, Superintendent, showed Cameron around an active job site, going over the important daily tasks of keeping a job running smoothly and safely.

Bob Graham, Superintendent, showed him how to read a project schedule. They also took a tour around a current commercial project where the place of business is still open during construction and how we work around that on many of our projects.

In the office, Cameron was shown some of the behind the scenes magic of what is involved in organizing and coordinating multiple projects with our production management team. Cheryl Weikel, Project Manager Assistant, walked Cameron through processing invoices, necessary job paperwork and project documentation that she works with on a daily basis.

Operations Manager, Pete Johnson, was able to spend a little time and share some insight as to what a leadership role entails in the construction industry and working with Cobb Hill.

Cameron seemed to really enjoy seeing the project progression photos as well as visiting the residential project as he hopes to work in framing. Cobb Hill was really impressed with his enthusiasm, knowledge and attentiveness during his visit with us.

"He is an incredibly motivated and positive young man. We were really impressed to hear that he is so interested and excited about the industry, that he got accepted into the CRTC program early and is really enjoying it. We greatly look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the near future. He's definitely got a great start and a good head on his shoulders. Always inspiring to us when we get to see their excitement." - Cobb Hill Team
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