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How to Nail Dark House Design

If you're a regular on Pinterest, Instagram, or your favorite place for design inspiration, it's hard to avoid the new trend in dark home exteriors. We can understand why. New siding options allow design professionals to step outside the traditional white and light colors to add a unique and moody aesthetic to the exterior of homes of all types. New paint and siding allow for darker colors without fading, and more people are opting for these color palettes. Here is a list of our favorite exteriors for inspiration on your next exterior paint project.

As you can see from these inspirational photos, there are many shades and options for black house exteriors. When choosing a color for your exterior, there are a few things you should take into consideration: lighting, vegetation, setting (urban, country, etc.), and additional design elements like pavers, shutters, and materials. These small details can help shape the correct shade of black you choose for your home.

Need help nailing your dark house renovation? Work with our design team to ensure you find the perfect color for any project.

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